Unique Applications Lab and Sputter Coating Services

Sputter Coating Services

 Sputter Coating and Application Services

Using Automated State of the Art Sputter Equipment, STI can offer a wide variety of coating services and applications.


 STI has the capability of running the most current popular materials.  Some of the more exotic or less popular materials may be purchased and qualified according to customer spedcifications 

Some of the more popular materials easily purchased, or in stock and prequalified are:

  • Al, Cr, CrSi, AlSiCu
  • Cu, Ni, NiCr
  • Si, SiO, Ta, TaN
  • Ti, TiN, TiNxx
  • TiW, W 

Sputtertech offers a wide range of process capabilities utilizing DC Magnetron, RF Diode, and RF Magnetron sputtering.    

 Current substrate sizes range from the smallest substrate up to 300 mm without major changes to system architecture.  This allows simplicity to our thin film depositions.

 Sputtertech has its own in house equipment and provide our own maintenance inclusive of spare parts for ease of system uptime.  This aids us to achieve on time deliveries of customer thin film coatings.