Dependable Performance Through Proven Technology

Our multiple  model systems are designed to perform to state of the art specifications and offer diversified thin film deposition capabilities. 

  • Versatility:  The Sputtertech system is one of the most versatile to date.  Modifications and upgrades are easily implemented during the build cycle and after installation.
  •  Process Status:  Standards for process development have been set by our base system for many years.  No process risks when scaling up from R&D to Production.
  • Reliability:  Through years of technological experience, Sputtertech Engineers have learned what works best for our tools setting higher standards for efficiency and reliability.


Production proven Systems with large installed base.

  • Heghest quality service backed by an experienced professional team.
  • Flexible for R&D and robust for production
  • Dedicated Etch/Bias Power Supply


For day to day operations, STI maintains a solid core employee foundation. 

 STI has created long lasting partnerships with professional engineering and consulting companies to assist with complex design changes and upgrades.   


            Model shown below -  2454 non load lock system 



Different Models to choose from dependent on process needs

  • Model 2451 - non load lock, (3) delta magnetron cathodes
  • Model 2454 - non load lock, (4) 8" round cathodes
  • Model 4451 - High through-put load lock system capable of batch runs, (3) delta magnetron cathodes
  • Model 4454 - High through-put load lock system capable of batch runs, (4) 8" round cathodes
  • All models capable of  RF or DC sputter deposition

 Complete PC Automation

  • Automated gas and pressure control
  • One button operation for operator
  • User friendly interfacing
  • Control and analysis/data accquisition