About Us and Our Advantages

  •  STI sells and services to a large installed International customer base.  This helps to maintain leadership within our specialized field. 
  • For day-to-day operations STI maintains a solid core employee foundation that safeguards the much needed expertise and loyalty,  insuring our customer base receives the highest degree of service and product information.
  • Our software operating system maintains professional guidelines and consistency by utilizing the same software designer from our first automated system to current models.  Our customer base has been instrumental with their inputs to the functional and operational designs.
  • STI system footprint - Highly desireable for use inside a clean room.  Our systems are housed in the same small footprint and does not require additional racks for power supplies or auxillary equipment.
  • Versatility -  STI systems come standard with many process dials and tuners.  Each process consideration can change from step to step and is controlled by your inputs to the software recipe.
  • Spinning Anode with etch and bias capability -  The once patented design of the spinning anode table assembly has been designed for high reliability and multiple functions. 
  • Dual function Sputtering Process - Accommodates DC Magnetron Sputtering or RF Sputtering. 
  • Load lock and chamber heat capabilities.
  • Upstream and downstream process pressure control -  STI systems are standard with dual function process control features making it ideal for running critical sputtering processes.
  • Reliability and ease of operation - STI systems are well known for the uptime and mean time between failures.   Software is very user friendly and operators are quick to learn the operation.
  • Maintenance friendly - Since the STI system eclipsed from the Perkin-Elmer base, we have designed necessary hardware and software changes to increase reliability and make maintenance easily sustainable.
  • Cost Efficient - With an initial very competitive purchase price and greater than advertised uptime this makes the STI Sputter System one of the Lowest Costs of Ownership.  
  • Longevity - STI systems boast a proven process track record of more than 40 years.

Factory Trained Engineers Provide On- Site Upgrades and Maintenance Services


STI Engineers have an extensive history in Customer Service and fully understand the importance of continued service and support.  Many of our employees began their careers as Service Engineers enabling our Company to maintain pride and excellence in our product while securing the confidence of our customers.